Sandfest I

After the Christian gift festival, the calendar is free for the sand festival. From Berlin, Bargteheide and Cuxhaven, around 30 boys and girls born between 2009 and 2006 came to the DVV control centre on the Elbe to get to know Olympic beach volleyball.

The sand festival was supported by the German Volleyball Youth together with the German Sports Youth and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. Despite the ongoing corona pandemic, children and young people should be able to catch up and make up for what has been missed. Where is this better than in the warm sand in wet and cold, North German dirty weather?

For three hours, the barefoot trudged through the sand and enjoyed the feast day. Nets and balls were used for a short training with Leo Hauschild,participant of the DM in Timmendorf in summer 2020, and subsequent gambling with unknown partners. Whether already self-proclaimed "professional" with a player shirt of some beach event from pre-pandemic times, passionate indoor volleyball player with club jersey or curious and clueless from a neighboring school – together the sand festival was celebrated: As an invitation to exercise with new friends.

Although Leo Körtzinger and her training group slammed the balls louder and harder around their ears on the neighbouring field, the children and young people had the wider grin on their faces. 15-year-olds Jacob Jöhnk and Slimen Khemiri were particularly enthusiastic: "We are dissatisfied with the sport because we would have liked to have won more games, but the sand festival is great. This must be celebrated more often: because of us, every day can be sandfest!"

David Philipp, Layana Schmutzler, Lara Dubber and Nora Lange received mini volley balls as a reminder and motivation to continue playing beyond the festival. The large cohort of parents present was concerned about the sustainability of the measure during the celebration: Where can the children and young people play Bach volleyball regularly and with qualified guidance? The member clubs of the German Volleyball Youth are challenged to transform the enthusiasm of the boys and girls into lasting commitment – no easy task with the approaching Omikron tsunami.

Exemplary in this context cooperated the beach volleyball department of FC St. Pauli,which supported the sand festival with training material.The DVJ motto "Ran ans Netz!" was paid lively homage in Hamburg. It was celebrated so vigorously that a repetition of the sand festival is very likely. The idea of repeating the day of joy at the end of January was greeted with loud cheers.