Sand sports at Linnering

In the Sierich'schen Gehölz, south of the Jahnkampfbahn, there is a ~ 3,000 m² sand sports area. The sports facility was built in 1999 and is part of the administrative assets of the District Office Hamburg-Nord. The facility is supervised by employees of the Social Space Management Office (Sports Department).

The sports facility has been used more intensively since summer 2017. Every summer, various member clubs of the Hamburg Volleyball Association and numerous schools as well as the Hamburg police regularly use the sports facility on weekdays. In addition, many events take place on weekends between May and September.


The structural defects, which had been tolerated for years, were remedied in autumn 2021 by the District Sports Facility Management Office and an additional playing field was built. The financing was provided by the Hamburg-Nord District Assembly and the State Sports Office.

Furthermore, the equipment of the facility is incomplete and the most complete use possible in the summer months is not guaranteed.

The goal:

Through a non-profit organization , the basic functions of the sports facility can be improved in the short term, the structural condition can be maintained through regular care and maintenance and the occupancy can be optimized. That is our goal!

The popular sandy area on Skatplatzweg is to be available for the use of various sports in order to enable sporting diversity and to take into account more interests of the surrounding districts .

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