Beach Volleyball Inclination Course

Since 2021, Sand für Alle has been offering a beach volleyball inclination course for the students of the Gymnasium Klosterschule. In summer, beach volleyball is played and trained on the sandy area in the Lohmühlenpark. In winter, when it is too cold outside, the basic techniques of flatbeds, excavators and smashing in the hall are improved.

The sporting highlight of the first year at the Gymnasium is the 5-man Cup. Over several weeks, a teaching project takes place and on the class afternoon over one hundred children play for the victory for their class. With a lot of emotion and joy of playing, the knowledge acquired in class is used. The winners can admire the challenge cup in their classroom for one school year.

Since no school sports competitions were held during the pandemic, some boys from grade 7 whirled around the Hamburg Volleyball Association and achieved their first successes.

Benno, Bruno, Niklas, Karl, Rafael, Jonas and Theo started for the VC Allermöhe at the Hamburg Championships of boys under 14 years and earned 6th place