Transparent civil society

There are no uniform publication obligations for non-profit organisations in Germany. Since transparency is important to us, Sand für Alle has joined the Transparent Civil Society Initiative. Together with other stakeholders, Transparency Deutschland e. V. has developed the Transparent Civil Society Initiative. The binding voluntary commitment ensures that the following information is made publicly available permanently and up-to-date.

1. Name, registered office, address and year of foundation

Sand für Alle e.V.
Erika-Mann-Bogen 21, 22081 Hamburg
Register of Associations: Amtsgericht Hamburg, Register number VR 24354

Sand for All was founded on February 27, 2020. receives information on how to improve transparency.

2. Statute

Fundamental to the activity is the statutes, which are adopted by the General Assembly. The purpose of the association is the promotion of sport. The purpose is to be realized, among other things, by providing and maintaining sports facilities with the underground sand.

3 . Recognition as a tax-privileged corporation

On 23 April 2020, the Tax Office Hamburg-Nord recognised Sand für Alle as tax-privileged by means of an exemption notice. The tax number is 17/440/23447.

4th. Decision maker

After the General Assembly, the Executive Board is the highest decision-making body. Details on the tasks of the Executive Board can be found in our Articles of Association. Current board members are Oliver Camp (Chairman) as well as Karsten Philipp and Markus Weber (both assessors). The chairman can represent the association together with an assessor to the outside outside within the meaning of §26 BGB.

5. Operations

With an annual report, the board informs annually within the framework of the general meeting.

6. Personnel structure

Sand for All does not permanently employ any staff. As part of activities, individuals may receive an expense allowance.

7. Origin of funds

The income of the association comes from donations, membership fees and donations from public institutions. Within the framework of the general meeting, the income is presented.

8. Use of appropriations

The expenses of the association are used in accordance with the statutes. Depending on the purpose of the grant, the funds are earmarked for individual activities. Within the framework of the general meeting, the expenses are presented. A voluntary cash audit of elected members ensures proper use.

9. Partnership under company law

Sand für Alle is a member of the Hamburger Sportbund and the Hamburger Volleyball-Verband. The association does not hold any shares in companies.

10. Persons whose annual donation accounts for more than ten percent of the total annual income.

To promote the purpose of the statutes, the association receives grants from the German-Greek Youth Office.

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