Youth Exchange Tanzania 2022

Hamburg's twin city on the Indian Ocean is ideal for complementing Eurocentric views. Together with young people from Dar es salaam, a lively partnership is being worked on. A first meeting with eight young people from each country took place from 5 to 20 July in Hamburg. The aim is to emotionally support the growth of a global community.

There was a lack of a common language for all participants, but the communication succeeded – with gestures, facial expressions and translations from and into English. Very valuable in comparable situations is the speechless communication through playing beach volleyball together: Everything is clear, words are unnecessary.

The thematic focus was on the united nations' Sustainable Development Goal #5: Equal opportunities for all genders. Specifically, the participants collected information on the proportion of female executives in sports organizations in both countries. Part of the research included expert interviews in the Hamburg Sports Federation and the Hamburg Parliament as well as a digital survey among the international participants of YOUNG BEACH international.

The fresh partnership also received attention from Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Niels Annen. During a visit, he paid tribute to the research results and handed over the victory trophies to the athletes.

The encounters are made financially possible above all by the German-African Youth Office. In addition, other organizations are involved in financing.